1st Year Registered Massage Therapist - Jillian

Hello, I am so excited to join the Healing Hands Team! I am currently a student at Southern Alberta Institute of Massage, and I look forward to helping promote healing for your everyday well-being. I will be entering my second year of schooling middle of April and will continue to take bookings as a first-year student until my second year is completed. See you soon!

CuddlePros - Lou-Wanda Whaley


Sybil has renewed my faith in my dream of helping people and afforded me the opportunity, to get my company up and running. CuddlePros has been a work in progress for over three years and finally has a Medicine Hat Business License to operate! At 43 years old I still love helping people and providing the supports you just can't get anywhere. While there is no regulatory or government standards, I do have ample experance and exemplary standards. Physical contact is an inate human requirement and being able to provide that in a safe positive way is of the utmost importance to me.