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My name is Kelly Dawson 

I am originally from Vancouver, I have called Medicine Hat home for 9 years now. I have 3 beautiful teenagers and am deeply thankful for the life we have here! I am a strong believer in creating balance in all parts of life to live fully. Balancing not just work and play, but primarily, the mind, body and spirit together is the heartbeat behind all I do. Everyone needs space where they feel cared for and supported, a place where they can leave their cares outside for a time and just relax and enjoy BEING. All the services I offer are based on this principle of relaxation and reset. I offer multiple modalities to help you achieve this, addressing both the internal and external factors that life can throw at us. To balance mind, body, and spirit, all parts must be addressed. I look forward to meeting you soon <3

My Services 

Here is a list of my current services:

  • Certified Eyelash Technician 

  • Non-RMT Massage: 

    • Classic Relaxation 

    • Lymphatic Drainage 

    • Somatic Nervous System Reset 

    • Reintegration Massage 

    • ** Coming Soon: Gua Sha Full Body**

  • Reiki Master 

  • Non-Invasive Facials 

    • ** Coming Soon: Gua Sha Facial**​

  • Professional Organization (Organize Me Consulting) ​

  • Trained Death Doula 

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